Neurodegenerative disorders constitute a major challenge to aging societies. Causal therapies have the greatest potential for alleviating the enormous burden these diseases pose.


Parkinson´s disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder, and multiple system atrophy, an orphan-disease, both belong to the family of synucleinopathies and are characterized by the deposition of pathological α-Syn in the nervous system of patients. Currently, there is no treatment option for  Parkinson´s disease and multiple system atrophy that would alter the course of either disease.

SYMPATH embarks on a double TANDEM strategy testing two therapeutic vaccine candidates, PD01A and PD03A, in two indications, Parkinson´s disease and multiple system atrophy. In addition, α-Syn-based parameters will be evaluated for their potential to serve as diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers. Meanwhile, patients for the anticipated studies have been recruited and treated with the vaccine candidates. There will be no further patients recruited within the project.

Therapeutic vaccines are aiming to raise the enormous power of the immune system and direct it towards a chronic disease. Although therapeutic vaccines have been subject of intensive research for neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, no concept of a therapeutic vaccine has of yet entered into clinical practice. The consortium combines the necessary expertise and technologies to explore a therapeutic vaccination approach for Parkinson´s disease and multiple system atrophy.