As a reminder of the many positive outcomes resulting from the SYMPATH FAHR-MIT event and to attract support for future events, it was decided to immortalise these events in the form of a commemorative photographic reportage book documenting the entire event from conception through to the invited reception at Vienna City Hall. Biolution prepared this book from the many photographs, quotes and collected media reports generated during the tour.

SYMPATH FAHR-MIT participants were invited to a presentation event hosted by the Coordinator AFFiRiS on 20th January 2016. 11 FAHR-MIT participants from across Austria attended this event in addition to SYMPATH participants from AFFiRiS, Prosenex and biolution. This event comprised of a reception, photo book presentation, presentations from Dr. Iris Grünert (biolution) and Dr. Achim Schneeberger (AFFiRiS) about the SYMPATH FAHR-MIT event and the latest news from the SYMPATH project and clinical trials, and also a guided tour of the AFFiRiS laboratories. The event was concluded with a discussion of how to support future events to raise awareness for Parkinson’s disease and the SYMPATH project.

The digital version of the photobook is available here.